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We’re Calvin, Camille, Maddox and Ivory and we’re on a Holistic Pursuit!

Our Latest Writings

Journaling—simple tips to get you started

Some may argue with me that journaling isn't an art, but I would have to disagree. You're creating life on pages that were once blank before your very eyes. I have been an avid journaler for the last 10+ years and it's truly changed my life. I have proof that God...

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How it all began: The beginning of our love story.

 I was just a kid really, 17 going on 18 and had just moved to South Carolina from a teeny tiny town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan 2 weeks earlier. Heather, my forever bestie and I would hang out together and one hot summer evening we decided to go to Dunkin...

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Freedom from Worry

I'll be honest, worry has been something I have struggled with over the years. Worry about where my family is going to be assigned next; worry about my children and if I'm being a good mom; worry about finances, worry about long flights and how my kids are going to...

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Calvin designs fun minimal art, photography and quotes prints inspired by their holistic journey. Camille helps come up with fun ideas 🙂