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Stay with God

October 15, 2017   ·   God,Transition,Authentic,Moving,Mothers

It’s been one month, one month to the day actually since we’ve left our home and moved 1/2 way across the world from South Carolina to Kona. It was also the second day in a row I had broken down crying. Yesterday I barely held it together in the cafe...

Navigating through Transition

September 30, 2017   ·   Transition,Travel,Trust,Obedience

I lost track of how many times I had said that over the past 2 weeks here in Kona. I think I thought once we got here, we would be okay. Because even the getting here was a battle—changed flights due to Hurricane Irma; fears and doubts creeping in, anxious th...

My Breastfeeding Journey

September 29, 2017   ·   Breastfeeding,Mothers,Babies

I don’t love breastfeeding but I don’t hate it either. I breastfed my first child Maddox until he was 15 months old and since we supplemented with formula the last few months it was super easy to wean him. It felt like the right time. I don’t remember even h...