Creativity Hidden in Necessity

"Use what is in your hand today to do God’s will and watch him do miracles"
Darlene Cunningham

August 22, 2017   ·   Creativity,Resourcefulness

Some of the best businesses and inventions have come out of depressions where resources were at their lowest. Like what you ask? Try the chocolate chip cookie, electric dry razor and car radio! Where would we be without the chocolate chip cookie everybody?!

When we moved to Spain, we had to fill a 3-story house with...pretty much everything! Plus, we were living together with fellow missionaries who "lived by faith" (ie lived of the provision from God by the generosity of others) in one of the most expensive cities in Europe, Barcelona.

Needless to say, we got creative!

In the Kitchen

One of our housemates Chantal put her creativity to use in the kitchen. She helped us drop our food budget 100 euros a month while we constantly had guests over for lunch. She’d see bread going to waste and make croutons and bread pudding (editor’s note: so delicious!). It's amazing to see this skill of resourcefulness.

On the Streets

Housemate Ryan carrying a pallet home to be created into a table

My friend Ryan and I found out there was a certain night that people threw out their furniture in Barcelona. On this night, we would go out into the streets and find wood or pallets and used them to create decor and furniture throughout the house. We created beds, nightstands, a coffee table, a display board, risers for Chantal’s bed and some makeshift chairs and a desk.

Those Monday night were labeled “Treasure Hunting Night” because in our neighborhood, it is when people through their big items on the street for pickup by Barcelona Sanitation. It also united our team as we spent time together building and finding other people's trash and making it our treasure.

In our bedrooms and living area

We used old canvases and painted over them then created our own art. We also bought some canvases and made our own art. It gave our place a unique touch.

Housemates Kaylea and Jordan creating art

The Wholeness Principle: Limitation is a catalyst of creativity.

If you find yourself stuck when trying to create something new, put limitations on yourself. For example, maybe you want to write a blog post but you've been procrastinating.

CHALLENGE: Put a timer on your phone and say whatever comes out of the next 30 minutes will be published. Stress can be a good nudge toward completion ;)

Let us know if you did the challenge or have other tips about creativity below or on our facebook page.

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