How to Discover Your Life Purpose—Questions to Consider

Discover your calling

What am I supposed to do in life? What is my purpose and calling? Who am I? These are enormous questions, questions I think all of us have asked, including myself. We are meant to ask them, to explore and discover. The thing is there is no a+b=c on this one. It’s more a journey of our entire lives, of choices we make, of living intentionally.

Here are a few things to further ponder and some tools to help you out. As you go through the questions below, I would recommend journaling your thoughts and dialoguing with the Lord. Getting a life coach (these are the types of things I walk my clients through) can also help you process these questions. The things I am going to share below aren’t cut and dry for every person, but hopefully, they will help you out and give you some direction and clarity.

Firstly, how did you play as a child?

This actually can surprisingly be right on for our calling. Were you always wanting to be the teacher when you played school? Were you one to make clothes for your baby dolls? Did you always find yourself coloring or painting? Did you love the outdoors, building tree forts with your siblings? Does what you did as a kid connect to something you may feel called to today?

What is your personality type?

Knowing this can help you understand how you are created. Are you introverted or extroverted? Do you make decisions on how you feel or through thinking it through? This short test is super helpful in figuring this out: Jung Typology Test

What are you good at? What are you natural skills?

Are you a natural working with kids, or baking? Are you one who loves to organize or decorate your space? Are you super good at explaining things to people? If you don’t know, ask your closest friends or family members.

What is your greatest point of pain yet passion?

Often where that intersects is a clue to what your calling could be. Often we walk through super hard things so that we can encourage others with what we have been through. Maybe it was an eating disorder you overcame and now want to be a voice of truth to others walking through it. Maybe you were bullied as a child and now want to be an advocate for school children who are being bullied.

I want to encourage you that it’s okay if you don’t have your life purpose or calling figured out. Sometimes we stress ourselves trying to figure out the next thing and end up completely missing out on the present moment. If you are intentionally seeking the Lord and allowing Him to lead you, He will! He is committed to you and to seeing His purposes completed in and through you. I believe that He is bigger than you “missing” your calling. So be present, be seeking, and be trusting that He is going to open up the path before you.

Some of this has been taken from Tony Stoltzfus’ books which I can’t recommend enough: 

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  1. So glad to see you still moving forward in your coaching. I think you are a natural! Hope someday God and you will see fit to let you work with us again here in Spain!

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