Big Life Questions with Dan Baumann

We don’t normally post so many updates and want to respect your email inbox but we thought this series we created would appeal to everybody!

Dan Baumann hung out with us a month ago and we just threw a bunch of BIG LIFE QUESTIONS at him and hit record!

It was such an honor to have him come and share some of his wisdom.

These videos are meant to be short and digestible. Like, share, comment and subscribe! 🙂

or watch below:

For those not familiar: Who is Dan Baumann??

Dan is a sought-after international speaker and author. He has been to over 100 countries teaching and sharing about God.

In 1997, He was imprisoned for sharing about the Love of Jesus in Iran. He miraculously was released. His book Imprisoned in Iran shares this amazing story! (link to his books below)

For the past many years, he has been an internationally sought after speaker and teacher. His favorite topics include hearing God’s voice and Passion for God. He has helped us personally see the beauty in this walk with Jesus!

Buy his books here:
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Who are the Hansons?

Who are the Hansons?

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