Is Corona affecting our plans to move to Spain?

Short answer:
Yes, like everybody, it is disrupting plans!

Like everyone we are in a precarious limbo state. 

We were pretty close to having everything prepared for our walk-in appointment in Miami. I had originally planned to go at the end of march but that obviously wasn’t possible. 

Our flights were for May 28th and it was impossible to take these flights so we took some travel credits.

So for now we are holding tight but continue to do what we can on this end so when the door opens we can walk through it!

So…what have we been up to? (warning: long post haha)

Like many, we have turned toward doing things at home. We’ve take advantage of this time to build out a patio and a garden with the kids. They have enjoyed the fruit of their labors, primarily by roasting s’mores.

We also took a trip to Michigan to visit Cam’s parents and sister, which was so fun!

Learn English with Camille on Youtube

It’s probably no surprise that Camille and I love languages and cultures! We use apps to connect with the world and help them with english in exchange for help in their native language (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian). 

Camille found herself at her max. There is so much demand to learn English she couldn’t keep up! So we thought creating a youtube channel would be a great way to help those who we can’t talk to!

After 6 weeks, we are currently at 600 subscribers and 8000 views!

If you know of anyone learning English, we’d appreciate a share. Or just show your support by subscribing to the channel and watching 🙂 

Much of the content is in ENGLISH and we share VLOGS, funny stories, etc as well which could be entertaining for even English speakers 🙂 Thanks so much! 

YWAM Santiago de Compostela Update

I continue to develop communication pieces with the help of the team for this pioneering effort (follow us: @ywamsantiago_spain). 

Many on our team have been able to rent apartments in Santiago de Compostela now! Praise God! God is opening the door to Santiago!

We are American, our team is mostly brazilian and living in Spain, and we do meetings in portuguese over video! About a year or two ago, a friend prayed for me and felt to share a word of prophecy: “You will have a team and it will look different” – God was surely speaking through my friend. 

We have enjoyed the language challenge and getting to know some of the team that we didn’t know already. What I have learned about Brazilians in general is their incredible gift of faith (although they wouldn’t admit it because they are humble) they have a resilience to keep walking forward in faith! It is inspiring to say the least.

Please pray for our brazilian friends because their support obviously is being affected by the Pandemic:

1. their money is losing value 1 USD = 5.42 Brazilian Real 

2. their supporters can’t give what they have committed to give because of the economic situation.

Bible Studies galore!

Edward getting blessed before he takes off on missionary adventures

Edward my best friend and “co-conspirator in Kingdom mischief” invited me into a local bible study a few months ago. Needless-to-say we’ve seen the power of the word and the spirit in action! It’s been a huge encouragement to me personally to have a community hungry for God.

Please pray for our group that as we dive into the Word, the Spirit would continue to reveal wisdom to our hearts!

Our Wednesday study with Marika

Camille and I love languages and we believe they open up worlds of opportunities including relationships with people we would have never met if we hadn’t started learning. 

Marika met Camille on HelloTalk (a language app) while learning Italian and then we met her in person on our trip last year in Italy. She has now become a good family friend.

Marika started reading the bible shortly after hanging out with us and has recently finished it. (yes she read through the whole bible! Go Marika!) You can imagine she has many questions (as we all do as we read the Word) and so we thought it’d be great to ask them together and seek revelation by the Spirit. God continues to reveal himself to her and us—even through skype connections 😉 ! The amazing thing is Marika wakes up in the middle of the night (1am) to do these studies with us, she is so hungry for God. Her hunger is inspiring and challenging to say the least.

Since I don’t speak Italian (yet) and Marika’s english is good but she’s more comfortable in Spanish, we do the study in Spanish! We stumble through reading and praying in Spanish and conversing together. She’ll sometimes switch to Italian and Camille will translate for me haha! Another fun and funny use of languages: 1 Italian, 2 Americans, doing a bible study in Spanish over skype.  In the words of our friend Dan Baumann: Go God! 

Please pray for our friend Marika. Being in Italy with no Jesus community around her plus the stresses of the lockdown there can be a tough. Pray the Lord continues to strengthen her faith and that he continues to guide her toward His will!

You made it to the end! Yah!

We are blessed to have you keep up with us! Please consider giving to our launch fund! So that when things open up, we can launch well to Spain!

Please pray that God gives us guidance on when to go!

Tchau! Ciao! Hasta logo! Hasta luego! Arrivederci!

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Who are the Hansons?

Who are the Hansons?

Hi! We're Calvin, Camille, Maddox, Ivory and Kairo! We are a family of five walking toward wholeness with the help of Jesus. Thanks for walking with us!

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  1. Camille, I watched your video and I am so impressed with your language learning and your youtube videos. Wow! You are amazing!

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