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We’re Calvin, Camille, Maddox and Ivory and we’re on a Holistic Pursuit!

Our Latest Writings

How we accidentally became Airbnb hosts

Camille was 7 months pregnant when I started a building project in our garage. We had just moved into a small 2 bedroom house and wanted to create a guest space for family and friends we'd met from our travels. Little did we know this little project would become a big...

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Insomnia & Pregnancy

It's frustrating really. I write this at 11:50 pm which is several hours after I went to sleep. It's my 3rd pregnancy and I am just over 10 weeks along. I never struggled with insomnia with my first pregnancy but I did with my second. It makes me wonder if we are...

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Pregnant again: A testimony of God’s goodness

Here we go again! 3rd pregnancy, 1st trimester. As I write this I am just over the 7 week mark and nausea hit me like a freight train. It's not just in the morning but it's all day. And tiredness. I feel like I can nap at any moment and I can barely stay awake until...

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