Partner with us

We appreciate your partnership with the Holistic Pursuit Project and Calvin and Camille. Below you will find a few creative ways to partner with us.

Calvin Hanson Creative creates brands and websites for business and non profits. If you need any of these services, click the link below to view his website. 

We launched an English language learning brand called Learn English with Camille to help others learn English (and inspire them to learn more!).

Camille and Calvin love languages and culture and so they created a special shop for those like them! Calling all language nerds and travelers, this shop is for you 😉 

Camille and Calvin run 3 spaces for short term rent (through Airbnb or privately). Our goal is to create a place of peace (shalom) for our guests.

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If you believe in what we are doing, partner with us one-time, monthly or annually.

Everything we do we want to glorify God and spread his Gospel. This can look like: 

  • prayer nights,
  • discovery bible study, 
  • language study exchanges (through apps or in person)
  • discounted or free branding and website design for non-profits and churches.
  • discounted or free stays at our Airbnb for missionaries or christian workers.
  • posts about living a holistic life.