About Us

We are the Hansons. We’re on a pursuit of wholeness. Want to join us?


A short intro to who we are

We got hitched at 18 and 20, experienced some success in business at young ages but saw emptiness in materialism and consumerism. We started searching for fulfilment and God was waiting to step in. We’ve never been the same. The journey has taken us to 38 countries, 3 kids and many lessons in language, culture and travel.

Why start a blog?

We love sharing our life experiences and realize they may be helpful to others along their journey toward wholeness. We realize our journey to wholeness includes many voices of wisdom and so we invite you to join us so we can learn from one another!

What is wholeness to you?

We believe wholeness is linked to a combination of:

-healthy faith
-healthy diet & exercise
-healthy finances
-and healthy relationships.

Of course, this is not exact science and or set rules we need to follow religiously. It can look very differently to each person. We believe there are however some overlap on the path to wholeness for everyone to benefit from.

We hope to find those things that can help you along the way and learn together as we go.