Odd yet effective ways to be more creative

Creativity is a funny thing. It seems to come and go when it pleases. Sometimes it hits you at the worst times and keeps you awake at night. Being in the business of creativity, I am fascinated by it—where it comes from, how to cultivate it, etc. Exploring my curiosities, I’ve come across a few unorthodox ways that can help stimulate creativity.

Take a Shower.

There is something about a relaxing shower that gets your mind’s guard down. Maybe it’s the combination of water hitting you making you awake and the warmth of the water to relax you that is the perfect concoction for creative juices to flow. Whatever it is, many of my best ideas have come in the shower.

Take a Nap. Go to bed.

There is this point just before you are asleep when the judgement part of your brain turns off and your mind is still active to where you can remember thoughts. This is another sweet spot zone of creativity. The hard part is remembering your brilliant ideas when you wake up so keep your phone or a notepad by your bedside.

Space out. Be bored.

When you space out while bored instead of browsing instagram for example, your brain gets an opportunity to play and create. You are giving it the space it needs to formulate great ideas.

The main thing that the above methods combat is that annoying self-judgement that stifles creativity in its seed form before it can grow and take root in reality. The other unifying thread is rest. Rest for the body and rest for the mind. I have definitely noticed my creativity suffers when I am not rested.

So my friends. Take a nap, stare out the window and take shower and if anyone asks what you are doing, just say you are cultivating creativity 😉

Do you have some unorthodox ways to fuel up on creativity? Share with us below!

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