From one end of the world to another

Five years ago we left Spain with the goal of renewing visas and returning. After some prayer, it became apparent, God had other plans. Plans that led us to Mexico, South Carolina and Hawaii.

We always felt we would be back in Spain but didn’t know when. Then God started talking to us at the End of the World.

We were gifted a free retreat when we were living in Hawaii. During the retreat, we went for a walk to a beautiful spot called “the end of the world.” As Camille and I were talking, things started to click and we sensed it might be time to start our journey toward Spain again.

Enjoying the amazing retreat we were gifted with a few years ago


So we took a scouting trip (with all 5 of us!) this past year and logged some miles and prayers in different locations around Spain asking God, “Where do you want us?”

Someone wise prayed for us and said, “Look for a place to set down roots for your family.” So that is what we did.

Finisterrae – end of the world

After criss-crossing Spain (with a stop in Italy), we spent time in a new favorite country, Albania visiting our friends. While in Albania, we processed everything and through relationships and a key Skype call, we decided the place to be, the place where we can set down roots, is Santiago de Compostela, Galicia.

Ironically not too far from Santiago is a place called “Finisterrae” by the ancient Romans which means “end of the world.” God spoke to us at one end of the world in Kona and is placing us in another.

Doubt, desire, faith, and discerning God’s voice

Being honest, we didn’t see a sign in the sky and the process of hearing God was messy as we flip flopped all over envisioning life across the Iberian Peninsula! We were trying to decipher the practicalities, desires and the voice of God and this can be hard under normal circumstances and perhaps harder as Enneagram 7’s 😉

Truly, there are so many AMAZING spots we could live and pursue God with community. At the end of the day, we felt the most peace in Santiago.


What’s going on in Santiago?? What will you be doing? Where the heck is Santiago?

We won’t overwhelm you with information, but will share a bit of the journey with you! Here’s the summary: We are joining a small band of YWAMers who are pioneering a YWAM missional community in the city.

Check out this video by our friend Junior who is leading the effort (make sure you put on english subtitles)


Our Plan

We have flights May 28th if our visas go as planned! (please pray for this!) Our first 6 months will be setting into new life and getting the logistical things settled. Below are the ministries that are potential areas of focus in the first few years. Calvin’s already began to form communication pieces!

– Communication/media/design for YWAM Santiago de Compostela (FOLLOW US!)
– Specialty Coffee Café & Roastery, Ultra Capulus (Led by friend, Rodrigo)
– Pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago
– Alpha/simple church/DBS


Our Need

Moving overseas with a family of 5 is a faith step, we appreciate you coming along with us!

Here is an itemized list of one-time financial needs we face:
Visa expenses – Translations, background checks, travel to miami (Spain Consulate) – $2,000
Initial home set up – Realtor fees, furniture, kitchen supplies – $2000

A Van – $8000-$10,000

Here is an itemized list of monthly financial needs we face:
Rent and Utilities – $1100/mo
Insurance – $300/mo
Car insurance – $50/mo


Pray and partner with us! We need you with us in spirit—and physically if you want 😉 We are trying to raise $10,000 to launch out as a family of 5, will you help us? 

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Who are the Hansons?

Who are the Hansons?

Hi! We're Calvin, Camille, Maddox, Ivory and Kairo! We are a family of five walking toward wholeness with the help of Jesus. Thanks for walking with us!

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8 Responses

  1. This is so exciting guys!! When I started reading I thought about Portugal since you are both speaking Portuguese now Haha but Spain sounds wonderful! Praying for you!!
    Much love!!

  2. I am so excited for you guys! This sounds like an amazing opportunity and so cool to hear the process of how God led you there.
    I’m looking forward to hearing more in the future 😊

  3. Hello dear Calvin & Camille! Thank you for allowing us into your lives through your updates. We have warm and fond memories of you over our short 1 week of getting to know you in Mexico. So thankful and proud of you as you continue to seek God’s direction in your lives (all 5 of you). It never stops-we still are seeking His direction and He has been so faithful in all and where He has placed us! God is good! We will look forward to hearing about your adventures in Spain.

    1. We always remember our wonderful season at MTC! So glad we met you. Thanks so much for the encouragement. As you know, it goes a long way as we step out in faith! Great to hear you guys continue to be faithful to what God is calling you to! It never gets dull, thats for sure! Thanks for continuing to follow our journey Abe and Kathy!

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