This is a pretty typical Thursday for me here in Kona so I thought it would be fun to do a day in my life. Life is ever changing, the seasons are different and depending on where in the world we are our routines and rhythms are different as well. I hope that I will look back on this post and smile about it years later.

Typically my day starts by 6 am but today Ivory actually slept until 6:15. We had hauled Maddox’s toddler mattress in our room last night because he had a cough that woke Ivory up at 10pm. After snuggling her for a few minutes she went back down for the night. Maddox had a few wake ups in our room, a little cough, feeling cold, needing a tissue, so I woke up feeling like it wasn’t the most restful night’s sleep. Ivory and I sat on the couch for a few minutes.

She loves to haul her blanket out with her and have her giraffe pacifier in her mouth. I got us both bowls of Rice Krispies with almond milk and banana and mine with a spoon of peanut butter. It’s not a daily breakfast but it sure was tasty this morning. She will sit in her little chair for so long and only wants to feed herself. Maddox came out of the room at 6:50. I had Peppa Pig on so he wanted to watch and have some cereal as well.

I normally like the dishes to be done the night before but because we had done a sunset dinner at the beach the night before with our friends the sink was full! I got Ivory dressed because her pjs were soaked with milk, typical. Maddox got dressed himself and Calvin rolled out of bed. He often gets up before me but these last couple of nights had done us both in! He made his coffee and I changed Ivory’s horribly smelly poop diaper. She hates being changed. I feel like I am wrestling a baby, because well I guess I am. I will never understand why baby’s want to keep the poop in there. Is it because it’s warm and feels nice? Who knows?!

Calvin took Maddox to school at 7:30, lunch packed in his backpack. He goes every Monday, Thursday, and Friday morning. Ivory always has to tag along. She will bring us her shoes and cry if she can’t go. It’s actually pretty adorable. I headed out the door for a 40 minute morning walk. I normally call my mom or sister or catch up with my friend on voxer, a walkie-talkie app. I also listen to podcasts or learn Italian.

I got home by 8:15 and took a quick shower and got ready for the day. Calvin head out the door for work less than 30 minutes later. I did some laundry, played with Ivory and tried to put her down for her nap at 9, which is her normal time. I don’t know if her naps are changing or what but she did not want to go. So after 15 minutes in the crib, her not sleeping, me doing the dishes and sweeping the floor, I took her out until 10. She protested but went down within minutes and slept until almost 12. It was heavenly and definitely not the norm. Or maybe it’s a new norm!

I’ve been reading through the gospel of Mark and taking a short passage to meditate on and write in my journal. I spent some time doing that and then Italian was calling my name. I listened to a learning audio book for 45 minutes or so and then put some baked potatoes in the oven and made some salad and fish, with homemade tartar sauce. It just sounded good to me. I was able to eat and do a bit more cleaning and finished up with the laundry and then Ivory woke up. I fed her lunch and then we headed out the door to pick Maddox up from school.

I love picking up Maddox from school. He is always in a good mood his cheeks rosy from playing and has a ginormous smile on his face when he sees us and runs over. Ivory is delighted to see him but always runs off wanting to play with all the toys. She would go to school if she could. “I missed you mom,” Maddox tells me. “I missed you too Maddox, you’re the best!” I reply. He really is.

We get home just before one and Calvin is there eating lunch. He has been coming home for lunch most days but then he stays a bit longer so I can nap. I have been super tired with this third pregnancy so a nap is just delightful. I wake up 40 minutes later and run out the door to pick up my friend Paige because Thursday afternoons are my writing day and lately we have been making a point to write together a couple of times a month. I also love it because I feel like it’s “my” afternoon since I am with the kids the other days of the week. It’s been so wonderful, so refreshing.

We order some drinks, me a hibiscus lemonade and her a cappuccino. We spent the first bit just catching up on life, sipping our drinks and enjoying the ocean waves and breeze. Did I mention that our writing place is pretty amazing?! Then we get to work on our blogs. I have to pack up by 4 so I can make it to a friend’s DTS graduation ceremony that night at five.

Calvin decided to stay home with Maddox to try to get him to bed early but Ivory had such a late nap that I had to wake her up at 4:40 and I took her to the graduation. It was on the beach so she loved it! We ate dinner there and caught up with old friends getting home at 7. Normally our kids take a bath and have a smoothie and then we would read some books for our nightly routine. Since Maddox was already asleep Ivory didn’t want a bath, which was so strange.

After dinner she goes to the bath knowing it’s time, but she kept shaking her head no running away into the corner. We just rinsed off her feet and put her pjs on. She was being so silly as usual giggling and playing with us. At 7:30, an hour past her normal bedtime, we put her in her crib and she went down no problem.

I was so tired but realized I hadn’t done my Duolingo Italian lesson of the day. I wanted to keep my daily habit so told myself I will just do 1 lesson, which is just a few minutes. But 30 minutes later, my eyes burning, I was still going. It’s so addicting. I made myself stop and said good night to Calvin who was still studying Portuguese on his phone.

Drifting off to sleep I thanked the Lord for the day and prayed for the night, hoping it would be a restful one.

How about you what’s your days like in the season you are in? 

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